The Honda Civic was definitely one of the hottest premium sedans sold in India. But, due to the increasing popularity of diesel and fall in earnings, the Honda Civic was discontinued in India. We believe the new-gen Civic, which was unveiled globally a year ago, will arrive at our shores sometime next year.

The new-generation Honda Civic will create its India debut sometime next year, later possibly being showcased in the 2018 Auto Expo.

It is our very best guess that the 2018 Honda Civic will make its first look at the Auto Expo scheduled to occur early next year. The new-gen Honda Civic which you see in the images below is your one manufactured in Thailand and sold in Bhutan. We believe the premium sedan will undergo certain changes in terms of attributes for the Indian industry.
The new Honda Civic is 130mm more and 20mm lower compared to its predecessor.

The automobile is 30mm wider and 130mm more compared to previous-generation five-door Civic. It is also reduced by 20mm. The front receives a series of character lines, making the general profile appear busier than previously. To the side, the new Civic understands a coupe-like silhouette that is further complemented with two prominent lines running across the profile. The method by which in which the roofline softly combines with the tail section together with the C-shaped tail lights give it an interesting rear quarter profile.
The interior onto the 2018 Honda Civic is much less appealing as the previous-gen model.

Coming to the interior of this 2018 Honda Civic, it might not be as appealing as what we’d observed in the previous gen model. That is because Honda has gone a good deal more mainstream with this one. The design theme appears similar to this of the City. While this one is an international model, we believe it will go comprehensive changes when started in India next year. The infotainment system appears somewhat too basic and does not comprise the favorite Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity options.
The infotainment system appears somewhat too basic and does not comprise the favorite Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity options.

The cabin distance was increased, so is your rear legroom by near to 95mm. The boot space was retained at 478 litres. The new-gen Civic sedan is based on a lighter stage which weighs 16kg less compared to the previous offering while the torsional stiffness of the chassis was increased by 52 percent. On the front, it will get a MacPherson strut suspension while the back rides on an all-new back multi-link suspension.
Engine options around the Civic include an all-new 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre VTEC turbocharged gasoline engines

With the CVT unit, the identical motor generates 180Nm involving 1,700rpm and 4,500rpm. The bigger displacement 1.5-litre VTEC turbo gas motor makes 182PS at 5,500rpm and generates 240Nm involving 1,900rpm and 5,000rpm with all the 6-speed manual gearbox and 220Nm with the CVT unit.


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