The stock market have been firm with all the Sensex moving over 32,000 and reaching tantalizingly close to its all-time highs. Is this the time for not-so-adept investors to dabble directly into equities? Maybe not. It’s best to consider exposure in equities through mutual funds if you lack the time and expertise to track the marketplace.

This is more so if you are a first-time investor in equity mutual funds at these levels. You’d be undecided whether you should invest at all and if so, which would be the best funds to take your first steps into mutual funds.

Read our report to understand whether you should invest in equity mutual funds in this point along with the very best funds to invest in if you decide to go ahead.

And if you have been a regular investor in mutual funds this might be the time to review your portfolio.

However, the mutual fund universe at any point has great and not-so-well performing capital. Did you check which of these category of funds you have invested? If your money is in a fund which has not done compared to its peers, then it might be time to switch.

In our report, we inform you on what to look at while reviewing your finance portfolio and if to exit your investment.

If you’re a young investor with high risk-taking ability, equities or equity mutual funds may be an attractive asset class. But, it is always good to have a balanced portfolio with a mix of equity and equity, with proportion depending on age. Bank fixed deposits can be one of the decent options in certain situations.

Here’s how lender FDs can strengthen your financial plan.

Having adequate life insurance cover is one of the cornerstones of a good financial plan. However, the plethora of insurance plans in the market may confound you. Often consumers select the plan with the cheapest premium. However, that may not be the ideal way to settle on a plan to suit your requirements.

In our report, we explain to you the things that you need to keep in mind while buying life insurance.

On the actual estate front, the Jaypee Infra instance continued to be in the limelight with the Supreme Court bringing cheers among homebuyers by reinstating the managing of the company back to the Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP). The apex court has requested the company to submit an interim plan within 45 days while also ordering JP Associates to deposit Rs 2000 crore prior to the court by October 27.

The court also ordered that a specialist will participate in the meetings of this IRP and will encourage the cause of home buyers while restraining directors of Jaypee Infratech and JP Associates from travelling abroad without permission of the SC.

Meanwhile, the government is also considering amending the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) to protect the interests of home buyers.


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