Divorce Petition: My Family Members Are Supporting An Outsider, Says Tej Pratap

It seems that Lalu Prasad Yadav’s struggles to pacify his elder son Tej Pratap were of no use. Tej Pratap met his dad in a Ranchi based hospital for over two-and-a-half hours on November 03 after lodging a divorce appeal in the Patna civil court. Sources tell media people that Lalu told Tej to give some more time to his marital kinship with Aishwarya. However, Pratap is not keen to change his decision, is adamant, and wants to get separated from Aishwarya.

Tej will not change his final decision

While talking to media people in the city of Ranchi on Sunday, Tej Pratap stated that he is not going to change his decision. He remains firm on his decision. His dad had told him to wait till the time, he reached Patna. But Tej said he will not wait. He added that he was not aware about the time when his dad gets bail. He is 100% sure about his decision to fight this divorce appeal in the court.

Aishwarya at her parent’s place

He also said that his wife Aishwarya, who was at her parents’ house for the past 2 months, suddenly on Saturday came to live at his house located in the city of Patna. Lalu’s family is supporting Aishwarya. He also said that his family, including his brother, sisters, mom and dad are on her side and they have disowned the son. Tej Pratap, an ex-Bihar health minister, further stated that he will tell the Patna civil court the manner she behaved with him. He has drafted each and everything in his petition.

Will not obey Lalu’s instructions

When questioned, will you not obey your dad, he answered not at all, he will not obey his dad’s instructions. About his political career, he said that he is a spiritual person. Lalu Prasad and his family members are on Aishwary’s side and some days back, when Aishwarya’s parents had visited Lalu’s home, Rabri Devi and Tejashwi had promised Aishwarya’s parents that the girl will stay with them at any cost. The complete Lalu family is with Aishwarya and attempts are being made to patch the pair up.

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