How to install two Whatsapp on dual SIM phones with 2 numbers?

Whatsapp messenger is a mobile messaging app for selected smartphones which allows you to exchange messages without paying a single penny for SMS. Whatsapp messenger is available for iPhone, Android,  Windows and Nokia phones.

The messenger does not charge any money to stay in touch with your friends as it only uses the same internet data plan that a user uses for web browsing. The messaging app not only allows users to share text messages but also allows the user to share images, audio and video files.

Millions of users have already got registered with the app and regularly using the application.

How to install Whatsapp messenger on your Smartphone?

To install the popular messaging app on your smartphone, go to the app store and download the app on your device. Android users can download the app from Google play store, whereas the app users can download the app from their respective app store.

To get started with the messaging app, you need to first verify your mobile number. A text message will be sent to your device which includes a secret number. After entering the secret number and completing all the necessary instructions, you can enjoy the app. All the contacts on your phone using Whatsapp will be added to your friends’ list. You can send text, audio, video messages to your friends for free of cost; only the internet charges will be applied. So, if you have not installed the messaging app on your smartphone, then install it now to remain in touch with your close ones.

Can a user use two whatsapps accounts on dual SIM Smartphone?

It is not possible to install two whatsapp on dual SIM phones. Only a single Whatsapp application can be installed on a phone and only one number can use the services of the messaging app i.e. a user can register only one mobile number with whatsapp at a time.

The messenger has gained huge popularity within a few years of its launch and every user having a smartphone run the messenger on his device. However, a user cannot have two whatsapp accounts on his device, even if the device is a dual SIM smartphone. The user can switch his Whatsapp account by verifying the account with the second number. If a user regularly switches his account, the user may get blocked from re-verifying his account.

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