List Of 15 Movies Based On Hacking And Computer Technology

Technology is now totally into the movies these days. Few master minds have tried their best to make use of technology and give a mixture of realistic and virtual view to their stories.

1. A Space Odyssey

This 8.3/10 star movie has a mysterious storyline in which humans found an object buried under Lunar surface by using an intelligent computer.

2. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

It features college students who persuade the town’s big businessman for donating a computer for their college and one of the students gets the electric shock while fixing the computer. Then after, the entire movie shows how a brain works with the analogies of a computer.

3. The Conversation

This movie shows the story of an expert who is able to predict the future of people through his computer. By using that he finds that the couple on which he is spying will soon get murdered.

4. Tron

It is the story of a hacker who somehow gets trapped in an artificial world of computers and the only way he can get out is by using an amazing security program that he has to develop.

5. War Games

In this movie, the hero starts World War III by playing a game on the computer of a military centre and confuses reality with the game.

6. Cloak and Dagger

It is the story of a sad kid who loses his mother at an early age. His father doesn’t give much importance to him. So he starts spending his time in playing video games and develops an imaginary friend out of it.
7. Prime Risk

As the name suggests, this movie actually features a risk loving female engineer who hacks the ATM machines and later tries to hack the monetary system of US as well.

8. Sneakers

It is perhaps the only movie where the director thought of using cryptography skills as well to thrill the audience. The movie revealed many secrets of the human life by keep use of technology intact.

9. The Lawnmower Man:

It is an interesting story of a man who gets turned into a genius by using applications of computer science field.

10. Johnny Mnemonic

It is a bit artificial story of a courier man who has got a computer in-built in his brain. He carries data in that computer and the task is that he must deliver the stored data before he dies.

11. The Net

This is another movie of a female engineer who works from home. She takes a vacation with her friends and somehow gets embroiled in the web (net) of computer.

12. Hackers

This is perhaps one of the realistic technology-oriented movies of a genius who writes a computer virus, so strong that the US police arrests him. He even gets banned from using computers till he turns eighteen.

13. Virtuosity

This movie is a mixture of real and virtual world having serial killer who somehow manages to escape into the real world in the end.

14. Ghost in the Shell

This movie is a hunt done by two cops. The hunt is to find the mysterious hacker named, the Puppet Master.

15. Twenty Three

The storyline of this movie is from a true story of a few German hackers who invest their heritage in a small flat and home.

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