PepsiCo India Eyes To Double Income From Snacks Biz By 2022

Food and beverages major, PepsiCo India, is eyeing to digitize as a major growth outlook. The company is making proposals to make use of technology in both backward and forward integration. The company stated that it is figuring out on a project to digitally link around 10 million retailers together with about 600 million customers, with the dealer.

What president and chief executive officer of PepsiCo India says

Ahmed El Sheikh, president and chief executive officer PepsiCo India, said that they are functioning on a new project to digitize their connection with agriculturists. The company is considering hoards of agriculturists where they wish to be linked with the crops in the field. They are making use of digitization in backward integration of supply chain arrangement.

Mr. Sheikh said that the manufacturer of Lay’s, Kurkure and many a cola brand, comprising Pepsi, is making technology as the keystone and ramping up the biz around it. They are looking at how technology is going to reshape the country and they think this is one of the major enablers to release the perspective of the biz in the nation.

Bulling on the prospects in the country

The company, which registered profit during 2017-18, after a big gap of 7 years, is strong on the prospects in India and is introducing the first river delivery of its snack collection from Kolkata to Varanasi. The company is all set to start the initial river shipment this month, from Kolkata to Varanasi.

Sheikh, PepsiCo the country’s first expat president, further stated that the company, which has been in India since the year 1989, is witnessing sturdy growth coming out of India, which is well-adjusted between food and beverage, whilst the nutrition segment including Quaker Oats and Tropicana, is rising faster albeit on a lower base.

He said that they need to be an optimistic growth driver for PepsiCo, but that growth needs to be maintainable and accountable. He added that the water and juice section outgrows the soft drink section in the country, and the company is counting on being global to prosper in the food section.

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