Subways Surfers Game – Its Origin, Rival & How To Play It?

Games and Smartphone – Two Inseparable Words

Almost all of us are aware of the Operating System from Google for the Smartphone i.e. Android. The Smartphones today are nothing less than a multi-tasking device where you can play games, surf the net, and make calls without much problem.

While talking about the games played on the Android platform, we should definitely talk about Subway Surfer – a game that is the latest sensation among people of all ages.

The Origin of Subway Surfers and Where to Get It

Subway Surfers is more of a running game developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo, a Denmark based private company. This game which hit the market in 2012, is based on ‘World Tour’, on the course of which, this game visits many popular cities around the world like New York, Tokyo, Miami, Sydney and many more. It can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play market and it is very easy to play.

Game Play

In this game, you have to choose a character before you start the adventures through the subways from one place to the other. When you start the adventure, your primary objective will be to score as many points as you can while keeping yourself safe from an inspector and his dog.

How to Score More Points

On the course, you can collect coins that will help you unlock new features from time to time. If you are wondering about how the game is played, you need not worry a bit. All you have to do is to tilt your phone towards left or right and the character will move accordingly.

The Rival of Subway Surfers

Many people still wonder about why this game is so popular after Temple Run, another most popular game for the Android OS. Well, Subway Surfers is much easier to play and is also much more advantageous than Temple Run.

Advantages of Subway Surfers over Temple Run

Here are some places where Subway Surfers score higher points than Temple Run, its close rival

  1. There is no turning towards the left or right side in Subway Surfers that makes it easier for most of the users.
  2. The number of characters available in this game is much more than that of Temple Run making it one of the most exciting games among not only youngsters but also among people of other ages.
  3. The power-ups are available more frequently in Subway Surfers.

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