What Does American Automobile Industry Have In Case For You?

American Automotive Industry is popularly known for its legendary cars. The US brands have always set a benchmark and given tough competition to the worldwide manufacturers. The new types of technologies it uses in its sports cars make it top the charts. The mind-blowing designs and outstanding performance is the key factor on which the American car brands sustain.

Some of the leading American car brands are –

• Ford
• Chevrolet
• Cadillac
• Dodge
• Chrysler


It is the very first American car brand. Its company has played a great role in treating cars as entities for people. The cars under this brand are by far the best selling cars. The best models of this brand have been
• Explorer
• Fusion
• Escape and
• F-series models

This brand has gained much reputation and worldwide recognition because of its technology, creativeness, innovative designs and styles. It tries to deliver the best quality services within a budget. This makes Ford hold a leading place in the manufacturing industry.


The ones who look for a car with strong performance quality, Chevrolet is always their first choice. Apart from the excellent performance, this American Car brand is well known for its designs and styles. The kind of technology employed in its making finds no other match. This is perhaps its best thing and distinguishes this American Car from other American cars. The unique V8 engine fitted in its cars is what makes it one of the best companies in the whole world.


The second American car brand to flourish itself in the history was Cadillac. It is the luxury American car brand. Its manufacturing company bagged the most prestigious award of ‘Dewar Trophy’, which proves the success rate and quality service rendered by the company.


Dodge is the classic American car brand. This brand is very well known in the motorsport industry. The cars under this brand are very much loved by the sports car enthusiasts.


The other car brand in this segment is Chrysler. The most popular model of this brand is Imperial. It is perhaps the best invention by its company. It is this car that made Chrysler a worldwide known brand. Its company always comes up with the new modern designs and technology to thrive in the globalised world.

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